How I Got A Super Defined Twistout…

During Christmas break I went to Maryland to visit my best friend and decided to leave my wig at home. During this time I experienced my best twistout so far! Since then, I’ve tried other combinations to get similar results and nothing else has worked. So I figure it must the the product combo I used from my favorite line, Oyin Handmade.



I started on freshly washed hair and applied Oyin Hair Dew as my leave-in. I followed by applying Oyin’s Boing next. Boing is completely new to me and is meant to be an all purpose product (moisturizer and hold). Finally I applied Oyin’s Shine and Define and proceeded to twist. My twisting method and process was the same.

The result was super soft hair with excellent hold that looked like a straw set. My hair was also shiny and just looked so good! On that trip I ran out of Shine and Define, so once I got back I tried duplicating the results with various gels and nothing else worked. The only thing I did not like about the Oyin combo is that it started to cause build up during the week, mainly due to the Boing product and me reapplying product/twisting each night.

These results are definitely worth trying again and I will do so once I’m done using up some of my other products.

Updated…a few months later…I received a product in my CurlBox and got similar results, but without buildup. The product is EcoCocktail and I believe it is by the same people that make the Eco Styler Gel. The only downside is that I have not been able to find this product in any of the stores in my area.