Wash day regimen + Routine Update (4 to 6 months)

I wore my hair out for a little while and then decided to go back to wearing my wig daily.  While sitting under the dryer deep conditioning I figured why not document what I’m doing now. 

The players…..


I do this process once a week, usually on the weekends.
1. Cowash hair with As I Am Coconut Cowash.
2. Deep condition with heat for at least 20 minutes with Oyin Honey Hemp Conditioner.
3. Apply Oyin Hair Dew as a leave-in.
4. Seal and twist hair using Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade.
***Tonight will be my first night using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil in months.****

Sometimes I will switch products, but the process and steps are always the same.  I wear a satin bonnet to bed and don’t touch my hair again until the next wash day. 

Having a busy schedule really helps to distract me from having hand-in-fro syndrome.  Wash days are when I take the time to really play in my hair.  At week’s end my hair is still really moisturized without adding any extra product during the week. 


What is your wash day routine?  What are some of your favorite products to use?

1st Set of Mini Twists

I have been wanting to twist my hair for a while, so I told myself that this weekend would be it.

I think they turned out pretty decent.  I did not part, just grabbed a section of hair and twisted.

To prepare, last night I washed with Oyin Poo Bar, conditioned with Oyin Honey Hemp, then added the Kimmaytube leave-in with Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade.  I braided the hair to stretch it out and got to work today.

Twisting my hair makes me really want to get a haircut.  My hair is super long in the back and I pretty much have no option but to put it up so the back won’t look so spaced out.

I don’t know how long I’m going to keep these in.  When I wore twists years ago, the longest I ever had them in was for 16 days.  I really like these so far and maybe now I can wear a little makeup to work since I don’t have to worry about my hair.

Quickweave – A Protective Style for Natural Hair?

Quickweave - November 2011

Post originally written December 10th, 2011 

I’ve had my quickweave in for two weeks now and I must say that I am tired of hitting myself upside the head all day because of the itch!  In the video below, I explain how my friend did my hair.

I may do this style again depending on how I feel once I take it out.  I would much rather wear a wig, but all the ones I find in this style are way too big for me.  This is only my second quick weave ever in life and the first one did not leave me with happy memories.

First Quickweave - 2006

The type of hair was similar and I loved the color of this hair as well.  The problem came with taking that mess out of my head!  The same friend did this one and at that time, she just molded my hair down with gel and glued the tracks on. This is my commentary from my hair journal back in the day:

May begins with a curly weave. My friend came over and she ALWAYS wears weaves and I had the brilliant idea of letting her do mines. She glued it in, which I really don’t care for, but it’s really cute and she’s going to take it out so I won’t rip my hair out. So, I can’t say yet if I will do this again or not.

Update: I don’t think I’m going to do this again for a while. I lost a lot of hair and it was so dry afterwards. To take the hair out, I wet it and saturated it with my Neutrogena conditioner(in products album), covered it with a plastic cap and let it sit for like an hour and a half. Some of the pieces came out really easy, but others were just a pain. Then I washed it with my Olive Oil/Aloe shampoo and treated it with my cholesterol.

Supposedly, with the GPS (Gro-Protect Solutions) I can wet my hair with water for 2 – 3 minutes and the weave will come out without being attached to my hair at all.  I’m going to have to give a serious O_o (side-eye) to that as I get my mind ready for the take down.

Quickweave - November 2011

How I Got My Fro Condensed

The plan was to take my weave out this weekend, but now I’ve gotten lazy and mad scared.  I don’t want to have to deal with tangles and dry hair.  Who knows, maybe I won’t even encounter these things, but I still don’t want to find out right now.   I’m going to keep looking for You Tube videos (I haven’t found many so far) on how to take down quickweaves and for tips and tricks.  I do have a plan, so I guess that’s better than nothing.

Does anyone out there have any tips and tricks they would like to share?  Please post them in the comment box below because I definitely need some help.

In the meantime, the video regarding application and removal of hair using GPS is below.

I did take out my hair that weekend and just as I dreaded, it was a painful experience!  Due to my impatience, I ended up ripping some of my hair out just to get it done.  There was tons of shed hair, but my hair was not dry after washing and conditioning.  I will NEVER get another quickweave again in life!  I would much rather find me a cute wig and rock that!

Protective Styling with Tree Braids

But I am finally back.  Life has been super crazy with the school year starting back up.  I haven’t been up to much else, but I am hiding my hair right now with tree braids.

Tree braids are when your hair is cornrowed with the extensions pulled through as it is braided.  They are supposed to last 6-8 weeks and look like a sew-in from the back.  I decided to get some because I became bored with my hair and needed to put it away for a while.  I did not want micros simply because of the amount of time to get them done, so I opted for tree braids.

They took around 4-5 hours to complete and I am very happy with my decision.  It feels good not to have to worry about my hair for a little while.  I’m not quite sure on the best way to take care of them or if they will be a good thing for my hair, but I’ll find out in October.

So far, I’ve had them in for 2 weeks and have washed them once.  I washed using the Crown and Glory Method and used a mix of Braid spray/Infusium 23 for a leave in.  I don’t spray them down every day and only use oil on my scalp or oil sheen when I feel it is necessary.  My plan is to keep them in until fall break, with the hope that my hair will be the length I want it to be to do mini twists.

My braids were done by Rochelle Woods of www.naturalopulence.com.  I met her at the natural hair expo in July and received an email about braids.  I had the cash, so I got them done.  She was very professional and did not braid tight at all.  She also has her own line of natural hair products.

For more information you can visit her site or call at 901-650-5476.

Stay blessed and see you soon!!!

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