Wash Day + Blowout

Last weekend I didn’t have to work so I decided to blow out my hair and try a hot oil treatment. I used the Jamaican Black Castor Oil with Rosemary for my hot oil treatment.  I have to say that … Continue reading

Straightening Natural Hair…Self Reminder

I have had my natural hair straightened three times now.  The first time was at a Dominican salon and I had so much breakage after that.  I thought my hair would never recover!

The second time was at JcPenney when I got color added as well.  Unfortunately, my hair still experienced breakage, although nowhere near a much as before.

Done at JcPenney

The third time I decided to straighten MYSELF because I know I handle my hair better than anyone else…and guess what…NO BREAKAGE!

Done by ME…longer and stronger!

To do the job, I first washed and conditioned with the Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Smoothing line.  After that, I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave in followed by the CD Chocolat Blow Dry Cream.

The shampoo and conditioner were okay.  This is the second time I’ve used the blow dry cream and I feel I can say that I don’t care for it at all.  It coats my hair and when it dries it has a feeling as if it is waxy and hard.  I want my hair to be soft when I blow dry.

Once my hair was dry, I separated it into small sections and applied my generic Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum as a heat protectant and then Aqua Net hair spray for hold.

Both of these items have been a staple since my relaxed days.  The serum holds in the moisture and the hair spray holds the hair while not making it too hard.  I can use the spray and still wrap my hair at night no problem.

I don’t have a video of me straightening, but the process I used is shown in the video below.

Next time, I’m going to skip the blow dry cream and use the serum to blow dry instead. I’ve used it to do so before and my hair was soft to my liking. To maintain my hair, I used Mi-Me Handmade Fascin8ting Hair Elixr and wrapped each night.

I don’t know what was so special about this time, but my hair lasted longer than it has in the past. I think in the future I’m going to continue to do it myself. I had no breakage and no heat damaged straight ends to cut.

Product Review: Pouts & Winks Makeup Boutique + Coupon!

Note:  I have no clue why my photos look so blurry, but feel free to click on them for a much clearer view.

Last week I got the chance to try the awesome makeup from Pouts and Winks Online Boutique.  This line is owned by Memphian Rhonda Boutte’ and is available for purchase at  www.poutsandwinks.com.

There are numerous eye and lip colors to choose from, as well as falsies for your eyes and a primer made for eyes and lips to provide long-lasting color.

One of the items I purchased was the Socialite Lip Gloss, $12.00

This gloss has some serious staying power and I love that it adds a soft touch of color without being dramatic.  It also smells of vanilla and I can’t keep my nose out of it.

The second item I purchased is the Seduction Butterfly Palette, $20.00.

I’ve only played around with two of the colors and they lasted pretty much all day.  For optimal wear, I would definitely use with a primer.  Using a primer would really make the colors pop.

Below are a few pictures I took with the gloss and eyeshadow colors.  I used a burgundy liner with the gloss because I wanted a berry color.  I did not use any primer with the eyeshadow.

If you would like to purchase any of the items from PoutsandWinks.com, visit the site and use the coupon code “PUCKERUP” for a 15% discount.

Finally, below is a video of the launch event I attended last week…

1st Impressions: Sofn’free GroHealthy Milk Protein & Olive Oil Really Deep Conditioning Treatment

I have only used this once, and received the 1.7 oz packet from June’s Curl Box.  The packaging emphasizes milk protein, olive oil, and omega-3 as it’s main components.  From the back…

  •  Milk Protein:  Soothes the scalp, strengthens & adds shine
  • Olive Oil:  Promotes a healthy scalp, repairs damage & adds even MORE shine
  • Omega 3:  Rebuilds, strengthens & protects hair from within

It’s time to treat your hair and scalp to something special and nourishing.  Pamper them both with oils and proteins essential for nourishment and growth.

The directions mention to use the entire packet on the hair and sit under heat for 10-15 mins. or without heat for 30-45 mins., covering your hair with a plastic cap for either option.


This packet is very generous in product and it is super thick and creamy.  I have been looking for a thick deep conditioner like this for a long time!


The smell of this is horrible!  It smells like Nyquil or any other type of medication.  At first, this was a deal breaker, but that all changed once I rinsed it out.  One good thing is that the smell doesn’t linger.


When I applied this to my hair, my scalp was tingling like crazy.  If you have ever used Dr. Miracle’s new Curl Care line, it feels just like that.  It feels like menthol and I definitely felt it.  I did not like the feeling at first, then it started feeling good and really soothing.

Even though this is a thick conditioner, there is no slip whatsoever.  I would definitely not recommend detangling with this in.  After rinsing this out, my hair was sooooooooo soft, that finger detangling was not a problem (I don’t use combs or brushes so I can’t speak on that).  My hair felt awesome and made me forget all about the smell.


If you are big on not using certain ingredients, you might not like this as mineral oil is the 2nd ingredient.  All of the highlighted ingredients that I listed above are much further down in the list.

Would I use again?

YES!  I would definitely purchase and use this again, as my hair was just too soft to ignore.  My hair hasn’t felt this soft in a long time and I am in love with the consistency of this product.

Purchase info…

I have found this product at Wal-Mart and I’m sure you can find it at Sally’s as well.  The packet will cost a just about $2.00 or you could purchase a 16 oz tub for $7.00.  More information about this product can also be found at www.mmproducts.com.

May 2012 CurlBox!


I got my May CurlBox today! Its contents include…
Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter Moisturizer (full size)
Kynx Texture Defining Gel (full size)
Design Essentials Natural Daily Moisturizing Lotion (full size)
I Love My Fro Shea Butter Whip, Orange-Vanilla
Luster’s Renutrients Slick Stick
Versed Well Hair Journal
ORS Hair Repair Anti-Breakage Creme
ORS Olive Oil Hair Masque
ORS Olive Oil
ORS Shea Butter Hair and Scalp Lotion

I haven’t sniffed and played with it all yet, but I can’t wait to do so!!!

I <3 April’s CurlBox!!!

Before I received this month’s curlBox, I was hoping that I would receive a shampoo  and moisturizers to do twistouts with.  Lucky me I received just that this month!

April curlBOX

NuTress Hair Moisturizing Protein Pack for Colored Treated Hair:  Ever since I washed out my Dominican Blowout, I’ve been amping up on my protein even though my hair normally does not like it.  As I sit here and type, this conditioner is sitting in my hair.  The application was smooth, but I’m not going to try and detangle with it.  I’m saving that job for the next product, which is…

Taliah Waajid The Great Detangler:  I haven’t opened the packet yet to look at the consistency, but by looking at the included card, I can tell it is creamy.  Can’t wait to try this out.

Taliah Waajid Curly Curl Cream:  I will be using this tonight to twist up my hair.

Taliah Waajid Curl Sealer:  It is my understanding that this is a gel type product.  I’ve never used gel for a twistout, but I think I want to try tonight.

Ampro Pro Styl Olive Oil Gel (Full Size!):  I don’t use gel much, but if I start liking using gel for my twistouts I’ll start using this.  I still have a whole tub of eco styler gel left, so I’m sure I’ll have this for a while.  I have to say that it smells really really good!

Ultra Sheen Ultra Care Moisture Blend Sulfate-Free Hydrating Shampoo:  I used this earlier today and I’m not sure if I like it or not.  It cleaned well, but there are others that I like better.

Organic Root Stimulator Curl Unleashed Take Command Curl Defining Creme:  I love the smell of this!  I used it on a twist when I got the box and I think I’m going to like this.  I know that this is sold in Sally’s and at Walmart.

Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream:  I LOVE this!!!!!  Like really LOVE this!!!!!  I used this on a twist as well and it was the softest of the bunch.  It also smells divine!  It smells like chocolate, but also a hint of like a really rich vanilla.

Eden Body Works Peppermint Tea Tree Hair Milk (Full Size!):  The texture of this is really cool and hard to explain.  It’s like a whipped liquid something…I can’t really explain it.  I don’t care for the peppermint scent but I noticed that Walmart has the hair milk with Jojoba that I may try later.  I used this earlier today to refresh my hair and it worked great.  I didn’t apply an oil, but I realized later that this product must be used with an oil to seal everything in.  Otherwise, my hair will be dry all day.

I really like the products in this month’s box and am looking forward to trying them all out.  I feel like I’m going to buy the full size of the Darcy’s Botanicals real soon.  It all depends on how I like it after using it consistently.

Finally…my 1st set of twists that I can wear out


My hair has suffered from the Dominican blowout. I washed it out on Tuesday and have had the worst hair week ever. I washed last night with Carol’s Daughter Tui Shampoo, which I am now convinced that I do not like. If anyone wants it and you are in the Memphis area you can have it.

After shampooing, I applied the remainder of the Monoi hair mask. I reviewed it once before, and I really enjoyed it this time.  I’m thinking of actually purchasing the shampoo and mask since I have so much breakage now.   The smell was lovely and it left my hair really soft. I ended up leaving in overnight because I was too tired to finish my hair.

This morning, I detangled and rinsed out the mask and something in me prompted me to twist. I definitely wasn’t planning it. It didn’t take as long either, only about two hours. I’ve twisted my hair in the past and it was an all day event.

I like this set much better than the one I did in January. Then, I did not like them and felt as if I had to put them up. The ones I did today I feel I can wear out. I’m going to try to keep them in for two weeks, but knowing me that’s pretty hard to do.


March curlBOX is here!!!

I am so loving this box right now!  You would not think that so much stuff could be in one little box!  You can check out my You Tube video below for more information.


About the products…click each one to take you to the product website:

Finally, here are some close up pics of the items:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I know there were different versions of this box, so if you received one, which items did you get?

My Premiere curlBOX is here!

After placing my order a little over a month ago, it has finally arrived!  curlBOX is a monthly subscription program, where you will receive deluxe sample sizes of products for $20.  Several bloggers were hesitant as this is the product launch, but I decided to try it out anyway.  I figured that I would be exposed to products that I have always wanted to try, but never have for some reason or another.

The box itself is very lovely and everything was beautifully put together.  In my box is the following:

  • 15% off coupons for Curly Hair Solutions and Huetiful
  • 0.5 oz Hair Rules Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner
  • 1 fl oz Sof’n’Free Nothing But Cleansing Conditioner
  • 0.5 fl oz Sof’n’Free Nothing But Curly Pudding
  • 2 oz. Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia Leave In Conditioner
  • 2 fl oz Groove Therapy Eradicate detoxifying hair cleanser
  • 2 oz Extenzz (Prevents Curls from Shrinking)
  • 8 oz Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream  ($21.00 value!!!)

I am very excited about the products and I cannot wait to try them out!  I am especially thrilled about the full size Hair Rules Curling Cream.  I think I will remain subscribed to this program a while longer so I can try even more stuff.  I think I feel my former product junkie self resurfacing…

If you are interested in this program, you can sign up at www.curlbox.com.  You will have to enter your email to receive a notification as to when the next sign up will be available.  On the day I signed up for my box, they sold out the same day!


Help with Dry Hair + Oyin Review Video

I just came across a great post on Naptural85’s blog on ways to combat dry hair.  The tips were great and as a result of this article I will this week…

  • Add aloe vera juice to my water spray bottle
  • Deep Condition at least twice a month (I used to do this every week but stopped due to laziness)
  • Try the “water bagging” method to see if I like it

You can find more tips on her blog by clicking HERE.

On another note, I made a video reviewing the Oyin products.  Check it out below…