6 Month Update and Flat Iron (November 2014)

A few weeks ago I was bored and decided to get my hair straightened.  It just so happened to be my 6 month mark, so it was good for a length check also.  I went to Wal-Mart and saw a black girl with natural hair, so I figured that she would be able to straighten my hair well.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.

After washing my hair, she proceeded to put me under the hooded dryer to have my hair dry.  With my tightly coiled hair, I knew this was a recipe for disaster and asked her to blow dry my hair instead.  She did, but I wasn’t really satisfied with her process.  I had to direct her on how to straighten my hair and she was the stylist!

I asked for a trim also and of course she gave me a cut.  When I left there, I felt like an old aunt or grandma.  I was definitely not pleased.

I kept it straightened for a few days.  I bought some small rollers from Sally’s so I wouldn’t have to put heat on it daily.  My bangs are pretty short, so I twisted the front and this is how I wore it.


When I washed my hair, all my curls came back with no problem.  I used the Keracare Hydrating Shampoo and the Aubrey Organics GPB conditioner.  I used that conditioner because it us full of protein and I always like to infuse protein back in my hair after using lots of heat because it helps my curls come back.  My hair was super soft afterwards and I was happy with my hair again.


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