Straightening Natural Hair…Self Reminder

I have had my natural hair straightened three times now.  The first time was at a Dominican salon and I had so much breakage after that.  I thought my hair would never recover!

The second time was at JcPenney when I got color added as well.  Unfortunately, my hair still experienced breakage, although nowhere near a much as before.

Done at JcPenney

The third time I decided to straighten MYSELF because I know I handle my hair better than anyone else…and guess what…NO BREAKAGE!

Done by ME…longer and stronger!

To do the job, I first washed and conditioned with the Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Smoothing line.  After that, I applied Kinky Curly Knot Today as a leave in followed by the CD Chocolat Blow Dry Cream.

The shampoo and conditioner were okay.  This is the second time I’ve used the blow dry cream and I feel I can say that I don’t care for it at all.  It coats my hair and when it dries it has a feeling as if it is waxy and hard.  I want my hair to be soft when I blow dry.

Once my hair was dry, I separated it into small sections and applied my generic Paul Mitchell Super Skinny serum as a heat protectant and then Aqua Net hair spray for hold.

Both of these items have been a staple since my relaxed days.  The serum holds in the moisture and the hair spray holds the hair while not making it too hard.  I can use the spray and still wrap my hair at night no problem.

I don’t have a video of me straightening, but the process I used is shown in the video below.

Next time, I’m going to skip the blow dry cream and use the serum to blow dry instead. I’ve used it to do so before and my hair was soft to my liking. To maintain my hair, I used Mi-Me Handmade Fascin8ting Hair Elixr and wrapped each night.

I don’t know what was so special about this time, but my hair lasted longer than it has in the past. I think in the future I’m going to continue to do it myself. I had no breakage and no heat damaged straight ends to cut.


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