NO BUY CHALLENGE 2012: Hair Product Version


From this day on, I am on a NO-BUY until Black Friday 2012.  I will not purchase any hair products until I use up what I have or Black Friday, whichever comes first.  I have way too much stuff and I need to use it up!

Used on straight hair only


Rinse Out/Deep Conditioners




Leave-In Conditioners


Pomade/Butter/Hair Grease








Black Rinse


Curl Definers




Curl Definers for Wash n Gos


I will only make two exceptions to this challenge.  One is the Ouchless headbands by Goody.  I cannot find these anywhere!  Last time I purchased some online from LuvNaturals, and she doesn’t even have them anymore.  The other exception is for the B.A.S.K. sampler pack.  The one I want has been out of stock since forever and I’m patiently waiting to try this line.

I’m going to keep track of things I want on a separate page up top so that I can be ready to purchase in November.

Anyone else wanna do a No Buy Challenge with me???


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