Fighting Hair Breakage…

I have been dealing with huge amounts of breakage ever since I washed out my dominican blowout.  My bathroom sink has been covered with small little hairs and I’ve been dealing with straight pieces in my hair.

My hair is slowly making progress and I credit it all to the following…

  1. Weekly deep conditioning.  I’ve been deep conditioning every week since.  What I use has varied because of me trying to use up some stuff, but I make sure to leave it in for either a few hours or overnight.
  2. Moisturizing and sealing daily.  I know for a fact now that I am a water and grease type of girl.  My hair is happiest when I use the two added with a leave-in.  Every night, I make sure to spritz my hair lightly with water, apply a leave-in conditioner, and apply my pomade.  I make sure to do this in sections so that the product is distributed evenly.  Doing this helps keep my strands happy and helps to minimize knots and tangling.  My favorite combo so far is Eden Bodyworks Hair Milk and Mahogany Roots Jasmine Peach Pomade.
  3. Twisting my hair nightly.  Some people may say that this is too much manipulation for the hair, but my hair loves it.  If I don’t twist my hair each night it will be tangled in the morning.  I always twist using 10 big twists and I will either wear a twistout or a tuck and bun for the day.
  4. Application of a heavy duty protein treatment.  My hair really doesn’t like protein, but when I saw all those little hairs I figured that it could not hurt anything.  I purchased a packet of the Aphogee Two-Step Treatment and applied, making sure that I used a moisturizing deep conditioner afterwards.
  5. Trimmed my ends!  Before the trim, I had not trimmed m hair since my BC!  I guess you can say that I was hanging on to the length.  To trim, I simply twisted my hair and snipped the ends or I trimmed without twisting on the angled parts.  Now that I’ve trimmed, my hair feels amazing and its behaving a little too.
  6. Stopped using a comb/brush.  Using either one causes a lot of breakage for me, so I use my fingers to get the job done.  My hair is not tangled or matted at all.
  7. Stopped using any type of heat.  I’m not adding fuel to the fire.  My hair will be 100% when I add heat again!

Have you had to deal with hair breakage before?  How did you overcome the situation?


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