My 1st Dominican Blowout Experience

I was bored today and when I get bored I do random stuff.  Last time it was a neck tattoo and a nose ring.  This time it was a dominican blowout.

I’ve always said that I would not straighten my hair until I was two years natural or bra strap length (bsl).  I told myself I would do my own blowouts, but that would be the only heat I would use.  So let’s get right to my salon experience….

I went to a place called Martha’s Palace, off of Goodman Road in Horn Lake.  There is another one off of Kirby Parkway in Memphis.  The first thing I noticed before I walked in was the smoke coming out of the door.  You would think they were super busy and were doing 6 heads, but they were only doing two.  My wait was a little longer than I would have liked, but there were only two people working.

When it was my turn, I went to the shampoo bowl and the stylist COMBED OUT my dry natural hair.  If I would have known they were going to do that, I could have detangled my hair before going, but I walked in there with hair that was a half twistout, half braidout, put in a puff and stayed that way while I slept, mess.  After detangling, she washed and deep conditioned my hair (deep conditions are free on Tuesday).  The conditioner sat in my hair for around 30-45 mins. and was then washed out.

Next, my hair was roller set.  Yep roller set.  I really couldn’t believe it either.  I was then placed under the dryer again for over an hour.  Finally, the blowout began.

For the blowout, an extremely hot blow dryer and a round brush was used.  Before getting this done, I always heard people complaining about how hot everything is, but I wasn’t burned at all.  The dryer was nowhere near as hot as a regular salon and the blow dryer was moved so quickly through my hair that I didn’t feel the heat or burned at all.

Before I looked in the mirror I was a little nervous because I saw a few people walk out of there looking all crazy.  When the stylist turned me around in the mirror I was so shocked!  My hair looked like I just received a fresh relaxer!

I really don’t know how long this will last, especially since it might rain later this week, but I hope to get a good two weeks out of it.  I like having this as an option because I get the same results as a relaxer, but it is not permanent like one (I hope!).  I am praying that all my kinks and curls come back in their previous state.  Shrinkage and all.

I paid $25 for the blowout and I will definitely get it done again.  Not right away, but maybe in like another 6 months or year.  I am missing my curls already and I realize that straight hair is not for me to wear daily.

I made a super quick video below because all the pictures I tried to take came out looking a mess.  I may be speaking a little low because I did not want my roommates to think I was talking to myself.


3 thoughts on “My 1st Dominican Blowout Experience

    • They carried a lot of the Salerm products, but not the Salerm 21 that I had read so much about. As far as what was used on me, the only thing I remember was the deep conditioner which was in a large orange tub with nothing but spanish writing on it. She told me it had carrots and something else in it that I can’t remember. I also spied Lacio Lacio and they used it to roller set my hair.

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