Note to self…How I Achieved the Softest Hair Ever For 2 Weeks!

It’s not like I did it on purpose, but for the past two weeks my hair has been unbelievably soft.  I have to hurry up and write this down for future reference.

It started last weekend.  I had used some Royal Crown Hair Grease for my bangs (AMAZING!  Great Definition!) and decided I would use the Groove Therapy Shampoo that came in my February Curl Box.  It is a sulfate shampoo and I figured that it would be useful in making sure all the grease was out of my hair.  My first impression of the shampoo wasn’t great at all.  My hair was left feeling very stripped and dry, which led me to do something I haven’t done in a year…DEEP CONDITION!  I used the Hair Rules Ultra Rich Conditioner that came in the same CurlBox.  When applying the conditioner, I wasn’t too optimistic about my hair.  I put on a plastic shower cap and a towel over that and waited for around an hour to rinse.  After rinsing, I let my hair air dry and then proceeded to style.

To style, I used my CurlBox sample of Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia leave-in.  I have to say that it smells sooooooo good!  When applying I wasn’t too impressed though.  I guess I’m just really used to my Kimmaytube leave-in, which provides awesome slip.  I felt the KBB did not provide much slip at all.  After applying the leave-in, I added a hair butter by Mi-Me handmade and twisted it up.  The next morning, I found that my hair was super soft and NOT GREASY! This is what I have been trying to achieve for the longest time.

So this week I tried the same process, using the same products except for the shampoo and conditioner.  This time around I used my Oyin Grand Poo Bar and Honey Hemp Conditioner.  Much to my surprise, I had the same results!

There are several things that could attribute to my new wonderfully soft hair…

  1. Deep Conditioning
  2. Leave-In Used
  3. Hair Butter Used
  4. Reducing amount of hair products used

I think I’m going to try the same thing next weekend, but change up #3.  I think I want to try the curly pudding by Sofn’Free again, but as a styler for a twist out.  Maybe I’ll use a little bit of castor oil on my ends.  Just a little bit.


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