It’s My Nappiversary!!!

The hair on my head is officially 1!  Well actually it’s slightly older because of my transition but I don’t even remember exactly how long that was.  Any-tee-ways…

Here is my collage showing my growth during the past year.  Some of them are a sideways and I apologize for that.  I am very satisfied with the growth I have had during the year.  I did not take any pics of my hair until March, so that is why that is my starting point.  The photos aren’t doing a good job of showing how much the back has grown, but oh it has!  I need to think of a better way to show growth in that area.

During the year, I STILL have not trimmed my hair and have focused on keeping my scalp clean and healthy.  Other than that, I have basically left my hair alone and I know that’s why it has grown.  Unlike my first natural journey, I definitely have no plans on going back to the relaxer and am loving my hair more than ever!


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