1st Set of Mini Twists

I have been wanting to twist my hair for a while, so I told myself that this weekend would be it.

I think they turned out pretty decent.  I did not part, just grabbed a section of hair and twisted.

To prepare, last night I washed with Oyin Poo Bar, conditioned with Oyin Honey Hemp, then added the Kimmaytube leave-in with Oyin Burnt Sugar Pomade.  I braided the hair to stretch it out and got to work today.

Twisting my hair makes me really want to get a haircut.  My hair is super long in the back and I pretty much have no option but to put it up so the back won’t look so spaced out.

I don’t know how long I’m going to keep these in.  When I wore twists years ago, the longest I ever had them in was for 16 days.  I really like these so far and maybe now I can wear a little makeup to work since I don’t have to worry about my hair.


3 thoughts on “1st Set of Mini Twists

    • Thanks Elle! I think next time I’m going to try them a little thicker. There is a youtuber named “iknowlee” that has some thicker ones that are so pretty to me. They should take a lot less time as well. I’ve never worried about them being uniform because I knew I was going to wear them up, especially after seeing the super long ones in the back. Oh I need a hair cut so bad!

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