Oyin Handmade Review

I purchased these products during the Black Friday sale and wanted to try them out for a while before reviewing.

First is the Grand Poo Bar.  I was expecting this to come in a plastic case, but it came in a plastic bag instead.  The bar is really big and I haven’t any problems with it dissolving really fast in the shower.  I still have a lot left and I use it weekly.  Although this is a non-sulfate shampoo, it still lathered quite well.  The poo bar got my hair really clean without stripping it.  I’ve read that some people don’t even need to use a conditioner with it, but I have no desire in trying that anytime soon.  This poo bar did a great job of cleaning, but I don’t feel as if I would purchase again because it wasn’t amazing.  I feel as if I can find a shampoo in the store that cleans and moisturizes just as well.

Next is the Honey Hemp Conditioner.  I love this stuff so much!  I purchased the 16.9 oz this time and next I will purchase the 32 oz.  The scent is very light and reminds me of kool-aid.  You can use this as a pre-poo, deep conditioner, or leave-in.  It is extremely moisturizing and has small amounts of protein so it doesn’t bother my hair.

The Hair Dew is a product that can be used as a leave-in or daily moisturizer.  Water is listed as the first ingredient, so you have to be careful when using with blown out hair.  It didn’t cause my hair to revert, but it did slightly.  I use it mostly as a leave-in because as a daily moisturizer it didn’t do that at all.  This stuff smells just like Oyin’s Burnt Sugar Pomade and the consistency is super thick.  As a leave-in its okay but I won’t be purchasing again because I like Kimmaytube’s leave-in mix better.

I could smell Oyin’s Whipped Pudding all day!  It has a light chocolate scent and can be used for hair and body.  Water is listed as the first ingredient, so you know that it is moisturizing.  The Whipped Pudding makes my skin feel super soft and the same for my hair.  I don’t think I would purchase this regularly, but sparingly as a treat to myself.  Also, I tend to use this product more on my skin than my hair.

I have saved the best for last and that is the Oyin Burnt Sugar and Sugar Berries Pomade.  My hair loves this stuff so much!  This is the reason I have started dry detangling because this stuff makes my hair separate like butter.  No other oil I have tried so far makes my hair feel that way.  I use this product to seal in the moisture and a little goes a long way.  These products have castor oil listed as a main ingredient so I do want to try that before I repurchase.  But for now, the sugar pomades are a staple product!

I really enjoy the Oyin line, but I do want to try other items and brands that I can purchase in store.  Oyin is pricey, especially considering how much shipping is.  It also takes a while for products to arrive, so any comparable store alternatives are worth searching for.


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