Wigs – A Protective Style Option

I recorded this video a little while ago and never took the time to share it here.  Some people may be against wearing wigs because they look fake or take out your edges.

I see wigs as a great option to switching up your style and also as a protective style.  I wore the wig in the video for around two months and my hair grew a lot as a result.  I did not neglect taking care of my hair and it paid off.

Now it is way too hot to even think about a wig, but who knows…I may end up purchasing one for the winter months.

The wig showcased in this video is by Sensationnel and it is the Vivica Lace Front Wig.


2 thoughts on “Wigs – A Protective Style Option

  1. Wigs are a great protective style as long as you take care of the hair under the wig. I mean have anyone see Oprah’s real hair? Its long and thick! However she and other celebs wear wigs all the time. I personally dont wear weave unless its a formal occassion because that is the time to fake glam….however it is definitely considered a protective style and many women did use it to give their hair a rest from manipulation.

    • Oprah’s hair is so beautiful! I feel that wigs are a good protective style if used in moderation. I wouldn’t think about wearing one 24/7, 365 days a year. I have heard of people even sleeping in them. That’s too much!

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