A Review in Pictures – TN Natural Hair and Wellness Expo

This past weekend marked the 1st annual TN Natural Hair and Wellness Expo and I must say that I was very impressed!  The hotel was crowded from the very beginning and I had no idea there were so many naturals in the Memphis area.  It was very empowering and motivating to see all the various hair styles.

There were also many vendors there, some coming from Atlanta and North Carolina, and many from Memphis.  I was sad that I did not see my favorite brand, Mi-Me Handmade.  I was looking to buy some more sugar scrub.  😦

I did stock up on other items though and gladly went over my budget.  I have yet to take pictures of my stash but they are coming!

My favorite part of the expo were the wellness sessions.  I learned so much about healthy eating, meditation, and taking care of your spirit.  I left the expo feeling so excited and determined to take better care of myself instead of putting myself dead last all the time.

I didn’t attend any of the natural hair sessions, but I heard they were very good as well.

Overall, the expo was excellent and well put together.  I am so glad I got a chance to attend and cannot wait until next year’s.  Now for some details…

Anago Samina

Anago Samina Handmade Originals

Anago Samina Handmade Originals

Anago Samina is a a Memphis based company specializing in herbal shampoos, herb infused oils, moisturizing creams, and herbal teas.  I actually have their Tahitian Coconut Cream which is light moisturizing cream that smells heavenly!  You can order their products at www.anagosamina.com.

Etniq Mineral Cosmetics

These beautiful pigmented colors were created by Leah Patterson, CEO and Head Makeup Artist of Etniq Mineral Cosmetics.

See how pigmented the colors are?

Those colors stayed on my hand all day – seriously.

You can check out this line at www.etniqminerals.com.

MissShe Body Cocktails

This was my absolute favorite vendor!  MissShe is an Atlanta-based company that has these “body cocktails”.  Now, these cocktails are the BOMB.COM (does anyone still say that?).  The cocktails are a mix of various scents with a mix of “shea, cocoa, mango, aloe, and cupauca butters, emu, fruit, nut, and essential oils”.

The consistency of the body cocktails is very light and extremely soft.  A little goes a long way with this stuff.  The scents are pretty good too.  I purchased tropical punch, watermelon fizz, lemonberry martini, green apple martini, pink lady, vanilla solstice, and HtoO.  MissShe also has oils, body wash, and face/body masks.  I received a sample of the Dead Sea Mud and Acai Mask, but have yet to try it.

To find out more about this addictive line, visit www.Missshe.net.

The Bubble Bistro

The Bubble Bistro has a variety of soaps, body oils, scrubs, and more.  I purchased the Fig & Love soap and oil and the scent of them just carries throughout my bathroom and bedroom.  One thing that I really like about the soaps is that that are very easy to break without crumbling so I can put a little in the shower at a time.  If you are in the Memphis area, The Bubble Bistro has two locations:  425 N. Watkins St. and 7060 Winchester Rd.  You may also visit them online at www.bubblebistro.com.

OC Vegan Foods

Bastet Ankh Re is the Chef/Owner of OC Vegan Foods.  I really enjoyed her session, “Healing Minds Through Healing Foods, Vegan Style”.  It was very informative, I just need to put what I learned into practice.  As you see in the picture above, she has a variety of herbs – just about anything you can think of!  I purchased some Bentonite Clay, Raspberry Tea Mix, and Detox Tea Mix.  Her website is www.ocveganfooddistributors.com.  She can also be found at Whole Foods and various farmer’s markets in the Memphis area.

Urban Chocolate

Kimberly Brown is the owner of Urban Chocolate, a shop that accessories that you are sure to find nowhere else!  I’ve purchased earrings from her earlier this year and purchased another pair at the expo.  Her handcrafted pieces are a conversation piece whenever I wear them.

Pretty soon you may have your own pair of her earrings for free…hint, hint….giveaway coming soon….

To view some of her collection visit www.urchocolateboutique.com.  She also has a shop here in Memphis at 4466 Elvis Presley Blvd, Ste. 260.

More Vendors…

Your T-Shirt King – custom t-shirts for any occasion – http://www.yourtshirtking.com

A Natural Affair Beauty Lounge – 376 South Perkins Ext., Ste. 207 – www.anaturalaffair.com

Very Prissy – The Unique Online Jewelry Boutique – www.veryprissy.etsy.com

Plentty – luxe handmade fashion, accessories, and home – www.plentty.com

Natural Opulence Hair & Scalp Therapy – Featuring all natural hair products, micro hair braiding, tree braiding, Ghana cornrows, twists, extensions, and more – www.naturalopulence.com

Divine Clementine’s Dope Soap on a Rope – all natural handmade goat’s milk and coconut milk soaps – divineclementinesoap.blogspot.com

Now for more pictures (sorry for the duplicates!)…

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