Mi-Me Handmade Body Scrubs – Product Review

Last week I attended the “Beauty, Blogging, & Beyond” event in Memphis, TN hosted by All Day Natural and Beale Street Chic. While there I picked up a lot of goodies, but today I’m going to focus on two: Sugar and Salt Scrubs from Mi-Me.

“Mi-Me is a local bath & body company that creates colorful and fragrant handmade body scrubs, bath bombs, and hair products.

Mi-Me was founded by friends Gil & Liz after their relocation from Miami, FL to Memphis, TN. Mi-Me’s desire is to create affordable high-quality products. More than just random ingredients, our love, friendship, tenacity, and passion go into every product we create.

We offer pure shea, mango, and avocado butters whose naturally healing properties leave your skin feeling soft and full of sheen. Perfect for the whole family and should be used from head to toe”

I was able to obtain several samples, among them the Oatmeal Milk and Honey Sugar Scrub and the Mango Salt Scrub.

First the Oatmeal Milk and Honey Sugar Scrub

“Sugar, honey, and oats mix together to create a scrubby take on the breakfast classic. Your favorite Mi-Me scrub in a convenient 2oz jar, all of that goodness can now accompany you on plane, train, or automobile.

Our brown sugar scrubs moisturize and exfoliate the skin. After using our scrubs your skin will be soft, smooth, and full of sheen.”

The scent of this scrub literally reminds me of breakfast time without the dash of cinnamon. 🙂

The mixture was not grainy and actually reminded me of a light oily syrup – but in a good way. Even though it was not grainy, it still exfoliated my skin extremely well. When I went to bed I could not stop touching my legs! They felt soooooooo good and smooth, smoother than with using any scrub I’ve created. My birthday is coming up, so I think this will be a great present for myself.

Next is the Mango Salt Scrub

“This bright yellow salt scrub gives your skin a healthy glow while scenting it with Mango goodness. Your favorite Mi-Me scrub in a convenient 2oz jar, all of that goodness can now accompany you on plane, train, or automobile.

Our salt scrubs provide an intense level of exfoliation that leaves you glowing and moisturized. Also, great on hands and feet to smooth any rough spots.”

The texture is not as oily and is slightly more abrasive than the sugar scrub. My skin felt good and moisturized with this as well, but it has nothing on the sugar scrub. I would use this on really rough areas, such as on my feet as part of a pedicure.

The scent of this salt scrub reminds me of the Tui Hair Oil from Carol’s Daughter, but not as overpowering.





I really loved both of these products and can’t wait to purchase the full size sugar scrub. My skin really misses it already! To purchase these items you can visit Miss Cordelia’s in Memphis, TN.

If not in Memphis, you can visit Mi-Me’s etsy shop and contact them using the information below:

Handmade Bath and Body Products
901-213-MiMe (6463)


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