falling in love with my twa!

I truly have.  I didn’t feel this way the first time I went natural.  I don’t know if it is due to watching you tube and appreciating my hair more or what, but I’m digging this hair!

My texture is very strange…spongy in the front, slightly more loose curls in the crown, very loose curls in my kitchen, and tight corkscrews and curls everywhere else.

And if you are one of the ones that think your hair is too nappy to go natural…YOU NEVER KNOW YOUR TRUE TEXTURE UNTIL YOU CHOP IT OFF!  The parts of my hair that were the “nappiest” when I was relaxed, are the places with my looser curls.

Every morning when I look in the mirror, I feel so free and BEAUTIFUL!!!  And although I’m rocking a twa, I think I see hair growth.  I didn’t do length shots on the day of my BC, but I did this month and I will do comparisons in May when it will be three months after the BC.

loving my twa!


2 thoughts on “falling in love with my twa!

    • Thanks! I feel much lighter with my hair gone. I know I’m really going to enjoy it if this summer is anything like last summer.

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