Transitioning to Natural

Recently I did the BC due to an unfortunate event with microbraids being glued to my natural hair.

See what I mean?

I didn’t get to do the long transition like I wanted to, but now that I have BC’d I realize that if I were to transition the one I would change is to…

Treat my hair as if I am already natural.  I’ve heard people say this, but I did not think it was possible.  Once I did the BC, I went online to do research and realized that a lot of the tips I could have begun already.


I learned so much from watching Kimmaytube’s YouTube channel.  It was through watching her videos that I really learned about the basics of hair structure and properties.  I have read books in the past, but Kimmaytube has some visuals that really hit home.

I have been terrified to reveal my hair simply because I do not like it YET.  Once I am comfortable with it I will reveal.  I know one thing though, I have no plans on going back to the relaxer or using heat in my hair for a long time.  Until I’m ready to reveal, I’ll wear wigs to get by.


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