Upgrades to KeraCare

I went to JcPenney yesterday and was about to become so angry because I could not find my favorite KeraCare products.  After talking with the sales lady I found out that KeraCare has a new look.

New Packaging on the Left

Not only did they get a new look, but they also changed up some of the ingredients too…well at least in the shampoo for sure in that it is now free of sulfates!

I’ve never had a problem with the old formula drying my hair, but I am very curious how this new formula is going to react with my hair.

I ended up purchasing the hydrating detangling shampoo, the humecto conditioner, oil sheen, and the creme hairdress.  Now I remember trying the creme hairdress a while ago and gave it away.  My CD healthy hair butter has not been good to me lately, so I’m going to try the KeraCare again.  Plus, the creme hairdress is now free of parabens, so I’m all for that.

Looks like KeraCare is about to be my ultimate hair staple.


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