Hair Emergency!

My hair has been breaking off a lot lately, especially in the top layers.  I have not been following my usual routine lately, so the plan is to go back to my old ways.

Things I’ve been doing lately:

Relaxing with super and regular relaxers

Wearing more ponytails

Using OJON products

The Ojon is really not for me.  I did not like the shampoo and conditioner at all, the shine spray was ineffective, and the cream was okay.  I will do a review once I get a chance to calm down.

I’ve mentioned what I’ve done that works several times.  As I type, I have the Aphogee two minute reconstructor in my hair along with wild growth oil that I massaged into my scalp.  I am about to wash this out and use my old KeraCare products.  Finally, I’m going to rollerset my hair and sit under the dryer.

I hope that by doing these things weekly my hair will become healthy once again.  I’ll give it a month and then see what happens.


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