I need my hair back!

Photo 1All summer I was rockin’ two strand twist extensions and while convenient, they have had a huge effect on my hair.  I went to the African shop a few weeks ago to get them removed and I literally cried in the chair.  The woman was raking a fine tooth comb through my hair!  Then had the nerve to ask if I was ok!

I put a relaxer in my hair a week later and tonight was my first wash after the relaxer.  My hair is not as soft as it used to be.  I used to be able to blow dry it and have it move freely.  Tonight when I blow dried it, it was stiff.  I wrapped it up and will flat iron in the morning, but I am really concerned about getting my healthy hair back.  I nursed it to health once before and I am confident I can do it again.

What worked before?

  • Using KeraCare shampoo and conditioner
  • Pre-poo with Aphogee two minute reconstructor
  • Blow dry and flat iron weekly
  • Using a heat protectant

What did not work:

  • Rollersetting each week

Tonight’s routine:

  1. Pre-Poo with Aphogee two minute reconstructor
  2. Shampoo with Optimum Care shampoo sample
  3. Condition with CD Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie
  4. Phyto Leave-In, Rusk Smoother Leave In, Generic PM Super Skinny serum
  5. Blow dry, then apply ORS Hair Fertilizer to scalp and lightly to hair
  6. Wrap hair and apply Mizani Shyne

The ORS Hair Fertilizer is actually a pretty good product so far.  I received two samples of it and have had no problems.  It is not heavy or greasy.  It does not leave any buildup on my hair or does it leave a funky smell.  I might have to keep this item in mind once I am done with my other hair moisturizers. 


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