Shaving 101 – The Cheap Way


Since before spring came along, I’ve seen plenty of posts regarding shaving your legs and what is the best razor.  The post is to simply say all that is not necessary!  The method and materials I present to you today have been used by me for over a year and I’ve consistently gotten legs smoother than using any expensive razor!  Everytime I do this my bf cannot keep his hands off my legs!  It works that great!

First of all – the tools:  CIMG0376

Suave Naturals Hair Conditioner (any scent you like)  $1-2 depending on size

Single blade disposable razors (brand does not matter, double blade works okay as well)  $1-3 depending on count and brand

Exfoliator of your choice (a homemade sugar scrub works wonders – recipe coming soon – although now I’m using Ojon Tawaka Ball)

Now the method:

I always shave at the end of my shower although I have no particular reason as to why I do so.  You may exfoliate either right before or after you shave.  I have done both with equally great results.  I tend to exfoliate last most of the time.  With that said:

  1. Apply a quarter size of conditioner to one of your legs.  I just apply it so that the leg is covered.  It may not look like a lot, but a little goes a long way.  I have big legs, so you slimmer ladies could probably fare with a nickel size amount.
  2. Wet your razor and shave your leg, one area at a time.  You do not want to go over one section over and over again because it can dry your skin.  Some may argue that you cannot see which section is done with conditioner as well as you can with shaving gel or cream.  Once you get started, you can definitely tell, so no need to worry.
  3. Rub your leg to smooth out any remaining conditioner.  You will more than likely have a little bit of conditioner left on your leg after the first shave.  I spread this around my legs and it’s like I’m applying the conditioner all over again.
  4. Shave your leg again with the razor.  This is when you get any hair that you did not get the first time around.  Spreading the conditioner around helps to protect your skin so it won’t get dry.
  5. Rinse and repeat #1-4 on other leg.
  6. Exfoliate.  Exfoliating really helps to make the leg smooth.  Anything that has a grainy texture will work.
  7. Dry off and enjoy your super smooth legs!  Moisturize if necessary.

Depending on the type of scrub you use, you may not have to moisturize.  My homemade scrub of olive oil and sugar always takes care of that for me.  Also remember that this is shaving, so you will have to do this every other day.  After you get done the first time, the other times are a breeze!

Why do I love this method?

  1. Smooth legs!  Do I really need to say more?
  2. Cheap.  The products will last for MONTHS at a time.  Some, like the conditioner, will last for even a year.  How is that for economical?
  3. Quick.  Smooth legs in 5 minutes or less!

If anyone out there decides to try it please let me know how it works for you!


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