Another Makeup Challenge

Since I never completed the first makeup challenge, I decided to do another that I saw tonight at  I spent tonight attempting to make a video of me creating the look (so far, the video is a huge FAIL).  Once I was done I really liked it, so I took some pics and went back online to compare the look.  Here is the look I need to replicate:




excuse the breakouts on my face! working on that.

And this is what I created:  80syeah2Instead of purple and green in the original photo, I used pink and turquoise…oopsie!  I did like the look and I haven’t done the cat eye look in so long (since high school).  All of the eye colors are from my coastal scents palette.  Even though I think it is cute, I’m going to give it another try before I submit the look for the challenge.  Hopefully I can get a little closer next time.


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