Acrylics are gone!

Since I’ve had my new job (since August 2008), I have had my nails done faithfully.  Every two weeks I will go up to the nail salon and get my full set or fill in, pedicure, and eyebrow waxing.  Well all of this is definitely not helping my budget or future goals, so over the weekend I had my acrylics taken off.  I hated to go to the salon and get it done because they always try to push you to get acrylics.  Two weeks before I had them taken off, I went to get it done and they talked me into taking off my full set and getting a fresh one done ($35!!!).  This time I would not budge.  I got my nails taken off and received a manicure.

Now that I’m on this new adventure of no acrylic nails, I am on a mission to grow healthy nails while staying true to my budget.  That means all polishes and manicures (and pedicures soon) will be done by me.  Right now I’ve been using Nail-Tek daily to help strengthen my nails.  I’ve heard that I have to stick to applying it everyday for two weeks, so of course I’ll have to say if it really makes a difference.  Then, to my luck, Clumps of Mascara has posted a tutorial to doing your manicure at home!  I can’t wait to try it this weekend!

This video has been around for a while but it is so funny because it’s so true…


One thought on “Acrylics are gone!

  1. ugh!I’m with you! I had to quit getting my nails done b/c it was seriously adding up and my job wasnt supporting it! lol. I don’t regrt it actually. My nails are healthy and its MUCH easier to text lol

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