Hello Kitty and Sugarsweet Review


So I’ve played around with my stuff to know that I’m really disappointed.  Everyone always mentions how MAC is so pigmented but I think otherwise.  My thoughts starting from the right:

Penny shadow stick (sugarsweet): Now this I do like!  I’ve been looking for a shimmery bronze color and this is it!  The color glides on so smoothly and it really complements my skin tone.

239 brush: I like how compact the bristles are as it helps to reduce having eye shadow all over my face.

Triple-Yum lip glass (sugarsweet): I could have avoided purchasing this altogether.  On my lips this appears as a regular clear gloss.  I does not last long at all and I would have been better off purchasing a dupe from Walgreens.  The only positive is that it smells good.

Hello Kitty Lucky Tom palette: This is where the biggest disappointment comes in.  I was so geeked up because of the many raves of MAC eyeshadow.  I’ll let the swatches on my hand speak for me…

cimg0198The biggest box are my hello kitty swatches.  The top row are the colors on top of UDPP and the bottom row are the plain colors.  I expected a lot more from this collection.  The bottom small box are my gloss and shadstick.  The circled color is a Coastal Scents sample eyeshadow “Funk” that I received with my 88 palette.  This picture really does not do the CS justice.  The color is a really pretty purple with magnetic pink in it.

Here is my Hello Kitty look for work:  luckytom

And here is another Hello Kitty look including the Penny shadestick from sugarsweet:  luckytomplussugar

I was able to find dupes of the Lucky Tom palette in my CS 88 one:  cimg0197The top row is MAC and the bottom row is Coastal Scents, both without any primer.  I haven’t tried to dupe my look with CS yet, but I have decided to keep the MAC because it has a nice sheen, while my CS is more matte.


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