MAC mini haul

So tonight instead of doing what I was supposed to do, I returned some clothes I purchased over the weekend.  With my extra cash, I went right to Macy’s and purchased the following:

239 brush

Penny shadow stick (Sugarsweet Collection)

Lucky Tom palette (Hello Kitty Collection)

Triple-Yum lipglass (Sugarsweet Collection)

I have to take a few more pics (don’t like the ones I took tonight), but so far I love them.  The Penny shadow stick really complements my skin tone and I plan on using it for my daily look.  The Lucky Tom palette is okay – I got a really good everyday wear look from it.  I was able to find dupes of the palette with Coastal Scents, so I will post a comparison soon.  The Triple-Yum looked really good when swatched on my hand, but was actually pretty sheer on my lips.  Finally, I love the MAC 239 brush.  It is more compact than my Mary Kay brush, therefore it doesn’t spread the eyeshadow all around my eye.  Instead the 239 deposits the eyeshadow only where I want it to go.

So that is it for the night.  I just really wanted to post my initial reactions.  I will post pics and swatches later this week.

Good night!


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